Wooden Horse

  • Zones of Interest: Austin Chalk, Buda Limestone, Georgetown, Edwards Limestone, Pearsall Shale
  • Field size is estimated to be 3000+ acres
  • 1200+ acres currently secured 
  • Activity to date     
    • 3 exploratory wells (1 horizontal and 2 vertical)
    • 1 disposal well
    • 5 pay zones tested during the past 8 months
    • 3D seismic program underway

Nash Creek 

  • Zones of Interest: Pecan Gap, Austin Chalk, Buda, Edwards Limestone, Pearsall Shale
  • 1200+ acres currently secured
  • Activity to date     
    • Purchased existing Pecan Gap well on the land. It flows with no electricity.
    • Secured a salt water disposal well permit
    • 3D seismic program underway
    • Waiting on 2nd confirmation of seismic interpretation.

Cottonwood Creek

  • Zones of Interest: Navarro, Austin Chalk, Buda, Edwards Limestone, Pearsall Shale
  • Activity to date
    • 2 exploratory wells
    • Testing 2nd interval in Poenitz 1
    • Testing 1st interval in Poenitz 2

Holmes Lake

  • 300+ acres currently secured

Imhoff Drilling

Kuhn 1H Battery Install

Kuhn 1H Vertical Spud

Poenitz 1 Spud

Poenitz 1 workover

Imhoff Facility install

Imhoff Drilling

Imhoff 1 pump jack

Kuhn SWD Spud

Kuhn 1 ESP Install

Imhoff 1 Packer Install

Kuhn 1H Horizontal spud